Ferrari F1-2000  1/20  2001 Initial Release

Ferrari F1-2000 1/20 2001 Initial Release

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1/20 scale plastic assembly model kit based on the Ferrari F1-2000.
Overall length: 222mm, Overall width: 91mm,
Overall height: 54mm
Authentically reproduced V10 engine, radiator and suspension.
Removable rear cowl.
Grooved racing tires with markings.
Kit includes decals for Car no. 3 and 4.
France GP Version.

Red and black plastic pieces attached to sprue trees.
Monocoque body with separate undertray.
Detailed cockpit, engine, and suspension.
Removable rear cowling allows V-10 engine to be seen.
Bridgestone Potenza grooved racing tires.
Includes decals for detailing the body, gold and silver foil for the suspension, and very detailed cockpit decals.
May be finished as either Car No. 3 of Michael Schumacher or Car No. 4 of Rubens Barrichello.
Detailed pictorial instructions