Skipjack Oyster Boat 1/60  1965 ISSUE

Skipjack Oyster Boat 1/60 1965 ISSUE

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Pyro is long out of the plastic model business but is famous today for the esoteric collection of kits they produced. The seemed to care little about popularity but designed kits based on historical significance or local interest. The quality of the kits is generally high. The skipjack 'Carrie Price' is an exact replica of a typical small sailing vessel used along the Chesapeake Bay area to dredge for oysters. The center keel stabilizer could be pulled up for working in very shallow water. Until 1942 sail was the only power permitted for oyster dredging; after 1942 the state passed a law allowing power boats to be used. This lead to almost all the skipjacks being converted to power and having the main mast cut down. Although it's days are past, many yachtsmen restore and sail this beautiful small craft today.