Republic XP-47H  1/72  1992 Issue

Republic XP-47H 1/72 1992 Issue

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The 16-cylinder 490 mph Super Thunderbolt! This radical craft was designed to test the Chrysler XIV-2220-1 liquid-cooled inverted 'V-16' engine. Two P-47D airframes were set aside for modification by Republic at Evansville under subcontract to Chrysler. The airframe was redesigned from the firewall forward and under the belly from the nose to the radiator to a point aft of the rear gas tank. A GE CH5 Turbo Supercharger was installed in the lower rear fuselage. A 14 foot diameter Curtiss propeller drove the power plant. Many problems were encountered with the engine, so the aircraft did not fly till after the war in Europe on July 26th, 1945. Twenty-seven test flights were made including one at 30,000 ft that reached 490 mph. Limited run model that features recessed panel line detail.