Boeing B-17D 'Swoose' Flying Fortress  1/72  1989 ISSUE

Boeing B-17D 'Swoose' Flying Fortress 1/72 1989 ISSUE

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Beautiful model of the early Fortress 'Swoose' that lead an exciting career as a transport aircraft after serving as a bomber in the South Pacific. After service against the Japanese early in the war, she found her way to Australia and served as a navigational leader for other formations. Then General Brett made her his personal transport. The aircraft survived the war, the only 'D' Fortress to do so and is being restored in Dayton OH by the Air Force Museum. When I saw her there many years ago, you could still clearly see the original 'Swoose' painting on the fuselage. Well molded with all fine recessed panel lines. Features excellent cockpit detail, optional position landing gear, rotating props and wheels and more.