Charger Daytona Dodge 1969 1/25  2006 issue

Charger Daytona Dodge 1969 1/25 2006 issue

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The incredible Dodge Daytona took aerodynamics to a new level by adding a pointy nose and a huge wing to the already fast Dodge Charger! Developed to smash Fords and Chevys in NASCAR (which it soundly did), the outrageous car also had to be offered to the public to satisfy NASCAR's strict homologation rules. The Daytona along the with the similarly winged Plymouth Superbird holds a special place in muscle car history as the wildest of the wild!

AMT's kit of the Daytona takes its Charger 500 kit and adds the aerodynamic nose and rear wing, plus other Daytona-specific parts. Thus, you can actually build a Charger 500 with this kit, too...a "2-in 1!" You also get a little Johnny Lightning diecast Daytona as a bonus!