Riviera Buick 1969 Hardtop  1/25 1996 issue Build Custom or Stock

Riviera Buick 1969 Hardtop 1/25 1996 issue Build Custom or Stock

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This '69 Riviera kit, from 1996, was produced in limited quantities as part of AMT's Buyer's Choice Program, an homage to great vintage kits of the past. This kit can be built bone stock, or jazz it us as the custom parts survived for this reissue. Having been used as a moniker on several Buick lines since the late 1940's Riviera became its own line in 1963. The first generation Rivs from 1963 to 1965 were part of the personal luxury car movement of the 1960's. The first-generation Riviera is considered a styling landmark, and is quite collectible today. The second generation began in 1966 with a major restyling. In 1969, minor styling changes took place. Grilles changed from the crosshatch pattern seen in '68 to a pattern of finely-spaced, slim vertical bars overlaid by two wider horizontal bars, which jutted forward at their inboard edges. Front marker lights became far shorter, and square in shape. Chrome side trim was revised, as well. At the rear, the reverse lights were move from the rear bumper into the '69 Riviera's new 3-section tail light lenses. Sales for 1969 improved again, to 52,872. A new front suspension system was used.