AAV7A1, USMC, Mogadishu 1993 1/72 By Dragon

AAV7A1, USMC, Mogadishu 1993 1/72 By Dragon

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AAV7A1, USMC, Mogadishu 1993

This diecast model is an excellent replica of the amphibious assault vehicle, which participated in the assault at Mogadishu where the U.S. Special Forces performed Operation of Irene in 1993.

- 1/72 true-to-scale
- High quality die cast upper hull and chassis
- Authentic USMC NATO camouflage & markings
- Realistic rotating turret with gun
- Track links treated with special weathering effect
- Nicely designed plastic display case included

About the AAV7A1:
The AAV7A1 family of vehicles now being coproduced by SAMSUNG TECHWIN and United Defense L.P., is the most advanced version of the AAV7/LVT7. The unique vessel-shaped hull design, powerful water jet and powertrain make the AAV7A1 family a highly mobile fleets of amphibious vehicle. They travel 13km/h in the water and 72km/h on the land enabling them to achieve effective ship to shore transporting operations in a variety of adverse seal/land conditions.

The all-welded aluminum hull of the AAV7A1 protects the crew from small arms fire, shell splinters and flash-burns. To suppress residual penetration of shaped-charge munitions, state-of-the arts enhanced applique armorkit(EAAK) has been added to the hull. Other improvements on the AAV7A1 which add to vehicle survivability is the installation of auto fire suppression and NBC protection system.

The AAVP7A1 is equipped with a new upgunned weapon station that is more reliable and provide greater fire-power than previous models. It mounts an MK19 40mm grenade launcher(K4) and an M2 HB CAL 50 machine gun(K6) in coaxial mount. The weapon station allows the gunner to engage targets out to 1,500meters and to traverse a full 360 degree at a speed of 45degree per second.

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