Etendard IV  1/50  1959 ISSUE

Etendard IV 1/50 1959 ISSUE

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Very rare large-scale kit with fascinating operating features. This early 1960s issue has very high gloss box top artwork in 'excellent' condition. The model uses a complex series of 6 cogs and gears with wire springs and twine to make functioning landing gear and speed brakes. When you lower the arresting (tail) hook, the landing gear doors open and the nose and main wheels extend. When you raise the arresting hook, the landing gear retracts and the doors close. Furthermore, when you pull out the parachute release at the tail, the speed brakes lower; when you close it, the speed brakes close. The kit is molded in the correct silver for the airframe, white cogs, gears & pilot, clear two piece opening canopy, real rubber tires and metal springs. There is a large gloss black Heller stand as well.