Fairey Rotodyne Series 4 1/72  1959 ISSUE

Fairey Rotodyne Series 4 1/72 1959 ISSUE

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Early issue from the late 1950s. This was a well detailed kit for the time and builds up to a nice scale model. Features good cockpit detail, two pilots, opening rear cargo doors, separately molded control surfaces, full landing gear and more. Molded in silver and clear plastic.

The Rotodyne first flew in 1957. The purpose was to create the first true vertical take-off airliner that could operate from an area no larger than two tennis courts with a full load. The Rotodyne flew at up to 191 MPH with a range of 450 miles and a payload of 48 passengers or 5 tons of freight. Despite the excellent performance and a larger design in the works, the RAF never placed an order and BEA never placed a firm order. The project was discontinued in 1962.