Jagdtiger Porsche Production, Germany 1944 1/72 By Dragon

Jagdtiger Porsche Production, Germany 1944 1/72 By Dragon

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Jagdtiger (Porsche Version),Sd. Kfz. 186, Germany 1944

- completely new-tooled
- true-scale model of the Jagtiger (Porsche Version)
- Historically accurate three-tone camouflage
- die cast upper hull
- Detailed and weathered track links
- display case

About the Jagdtiger:
The German Jagdtiger (SdKfz 186) "Hunting Tiger" was a tank destroyer made on the slightly extended chassis of the Tiger II "King Tiger". It featured very heavy armor and a powerful 128mm L/55 PaK44 gun capable of defeating any tank fielded in WW2, even at long ranges. It had 250mm armor on the front glacis, which made it practically invulnerable to any frontal fire. However, the Jagdtiger had no turret, and the main gun had a limited traverse of only 10 degrees, meaning the entire vehicle had to turn to aim at enemy tanks. It suffered from the same maladies as the King Tiger: an underpowered engine, frequent breakdowns, and poor maneuverability. These problems, along with the lack of a turret, made it extremely vulnerable to infantry with anti-tank weapons. Still, when properly supported, the Jagdtiger was an extremely formidable opponent.

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