Japanese Submarine I-19  1/285  1969 ISSUE

Japanese Submarine I-19 1/285 1969 ISSUE

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The I-19 is famous for firing history's most successful torpedo spread off Guadalcanal. On September 14, 1942, the I-19 was patrolling of the Solomons when she fired a 6 torpedo spread. Three hit and sank the US Carrier CV-7 WASP, and the remaining three exploded against the BB North Carolina and the destroyer O'Brien. The destroyer sank and the North Carolina had to be repaired at Pearl till November 16, 1942. The I-19's Glen seaplane also flew night reconnaissance on February 23, 1942 over Pearl Harbor for the planned second attack by Emily flying boats on that base. 1969 issue in the 'Big A' hard-box. Large scale kit is almost 16 inches long when assembled. This is an excellent model from Aurora's efforts of the late 1960s/early 1970s. Aurora knew that most of their kits were outclassed, so in the mid and late 1960s they cut a new molds with much better detail - the I-19 was one of those. Includes display stand, decals, periscope and cranes, detailed Glen Seaplane, conning tower and deck guns.