Avro 707B 1/72

Avro 707B 1/72

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This is a resin kit - If you have not worked with resin I suggest you research the different building techniques. The parts may require some sanding in order fit properly. You must use either two-part epoxy glue or cyano (superglue) adhesive. Both of these work well, so it is down to individual preference.

This was prototype, VX790, renamed the 707B, had a longer nose, different cockpit canopy, a wing of different (51°) sweep and a longer nose wheel leg to provide the high angle of incidence required by deltas for landing and take off. The 707B was given the same dorsal engine intake as the 707, although this was later modified to a NACA design. It first flew on 6 September 1950. Both these aircraft were built to test low speed characteristics.

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