Banshee F2H-2/2B 1/72

Banshee F2H-2/2B 1/72

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This is a resin kit - If you have not worked with resin I suggest you research the different building techniques. The parts may require some sanding in order fit properly. You must use either two-part epoxy glue or cyano (superglue) adhesive. Both of these work well, so it is down to individual preference.

The F2H-2 was the foundation for three minor variants of the Banshee.

The first, the F2H-2B, had strengthened wings and a strengthened inner pylon under the port side wing to allow the craft to carry a 1,650 lb (748 kg) Mark 7 nuclear bomb or a 3,230 lb (1,465 kg) Mark 8 nuclear bomb.[9] In order to compensate for the vastly increased load, the F2H-2B was fitted with stiffer landing gear struts and a pilot-switchable power booster for the ailerons;[10] the latter was necessary so pilots could control a roll to the left with a heavy Mark 8 nuclear bomb fitted on the left-hand pylon. One 20 mm cannon was omitted to make room for additional electronics to arm the nuclear weapon

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