Russia's First Spacecraft: VOSTOK  1/24  1998 ISSUE

Russia's First Spacecraft: VOSTOK 1/24 1998 ISSUE

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 Very large 1/24 scale. Well detailed kit of Major Yuri Gagarin's spacecraft. Features detachable crew compartment, ejection seat and Cosmonaut figure. Molded in metallic silver and clear and includes display stand.

Gagarin's flight was the first of 6 successful Vostok launches from the secret space center at Baikonur. Gagarin made one orbit in 108 minutes, which was enough to make him the first man in space. Titov followed in Vostok 2 and made 17 orbits. Other launches featured 4 mile passes in orbit, and Vostok 6 featured the first Woman Astronaut, Valentina Tereshkova. It is interesting that Vostok did not have attitude control for correct placement when re-entering the earth's atmosphere. The sphere was designed with the weight off-center, so it would automatically swing into position during the heat of reentry.