USS South Dakota BB-57 (1943)  1/350

USS South Dakota BB-57 (1943) 1/350

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The USS South Dakota differed from other ships in her class by having only 8 twin 5"/38 mounts instead of 10.

The Yankee Modelworks kit measures 23.5 inches long. The kit has a single piece upper and lower hull. The hull is split at the waterline to allow the modeler the option of display. the main deck is engraved as a model of this size should be. All the large parts are cast in resin. The main 16 inch guns have all the rivets seen on top of the turret. They even have the crew access door under the turret. The 40mm guns seen in the kit have the correct shields and 1/350 scale gun sights. All deck levels are reproduced in exact scale. All small parts are cast in fine pewter metal. A large photo-etched brass sheet is included to top off the detail.

For advanced modelers only!
Yankee modelworks kits are resin and metal kits designed for modelers experienced in these materials. These are not plastic kits and require a different skillset to construct.